Central Coast dentures, mouthguards, repairs and relines

At Complete Denture Clinic, we are committed to providing suitable solutions for people who are missing teeth or those who have lost dental function.

Our full range of services enables us to provide patients with comfortable treatment options for their dental problems. Through the restoration of the bite and smile, we hope to instil confidence in our patients.

To begin we will sit down with you for a full free consultation, which will be used to determine the best treatment for your needs. We conduct all services from our Kanwal clinic, including repairs and relines.

To arrange a free consultation at a suitable time, contact us.

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Clean Teeth - Affordable Dentures in Kanwal, NSW

Full Dentures

Full dentures provide patients with a full mouth replacement of their missing teeth—upper, lower, or both.

Our full prosthetics are made from acrylic material and are shaped to match your mouth. The upper denture features a plate that will cover the roof of your mouth, while the lower will be horseshoe-shaped and will rest on the gum and bone tissues.

With the advancements of denture technology, we work to create a natural look. These advancements allow us to offer a range of shapes, colours and styles.

The final product should give you a comfortable and natural looking prosthetic, made using the latest materials and technology.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are designed to replace one or more missing teeth and aim to restore the patient’s smile and ability to eat.

The prosthetic often clasps onto the remaining natural teeth and gums. This helps to hold the dentures in place.

Partial dentures may:

  • Make it easier to chew food
  • Help you to speak more clearly
  • Support the cheeks & lips
  • Keep natural teeth in the correct position

Complete Denture Clinic offers two types of partial dentures: acrylic and chrome. With both styles we aim to match the colour and size as closely as possible to your existing teeth.

The main difference between the styles is that the acrylic dentures feature metal clasps that grip onto your existing teeth, whereas the chrome dentures have a strong, long lasting metal frame that can provide a more comfortable experience. Our prosthetist will be able to advise on the best dentures for your needs.

Denture - Affordable Dentures in Kanwal, NSW

Implant Retained Dentures

After losing teeth the supporting bone and tissue shrink, which can loosen dentures.

With the addition of implants, we can create a foundation for your prosthetics which must be inserted by a dental surgeon. Implant retained dentures can be fixed directly to your jaw or can be removeable.

Implant retained dentures offer stability and support. They can also help to preserve the bone in your jaw.


Denture additions are often a cost-effective and efficient way to add new false teeth to your existing partial dentures. If you have had or need a tooth extracted we can add a false tooth and clasp, if necessary, to your prosthetic.

This procedure can usually be completed in one day. During the visit we will take impressions of the teeth, construct and add the new tooth onto your denture.

Denture - Affordable Dentures in Kanwal, NSW


Many dental injuries occur in adults and children who are playing sports while not wearing a mouthguard.

At Complete Denture Clinic, we believe it is better to be safe than sorry, which is why we provide a custom mouthguard service. Our mouthguards are made to suit your teeth and mouth closely.

These personally fitted mouthguards often offer better protection and greater comfort than over the counter or prefabricated options.

Relines & Repairs

When it comes to broken or ill-fitting dentures, you can often opt for repairs and relines rather than replacement.

Our prosthetist will be able to assess any damage and tell you the measures that need to be taken. Our friendly team complete all relines and repairs in our Kanwal clinic.

You’ll often need denture repairs if:

  • There’s a break or chip
  • You need a replacement clasp

  • You need to add or remove a tooth
  • They’re damaged due to general wear & tear

Generally, we can provide repairs and relines on the same day, depending on the extent of the damage to your prosthetic.