Frequently asked questions and denture care advice

To ensure you get the most from your dentures it is important to care for them properly. Our team has compiled a few of our recommendations and suggestions to keep them in good condition.

If your dentures feel loose or uncomfortable at any time, please contact us. Leaving this discomfort untreated can be very painful and lead to infections.

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Our Top 3 Tips

Your dentures will last longer and feel more comfortable if you take proper care of them. We recommend keeping these 3 simple tips in mind when caring for your dentures:

Cleaning your Dentures

Although dentures are not natural teeth they still suffer the same fate; plaque will build up if they’re not cleaned correctly.

To clean them properly simply brush each day in a similar fashion to how you would your natural teeth with only one major difference, don’t use toothpaste. Instead, use a soft-bristle brush with water or a non-abrasive denture cleaner. In the process, be careful not to bend or damage any of the elements of your dentures.

Handling with Care

Dentures are fragile and must be handled with proper care to prevent breakage. We recommend placing a folded towel in the sink to safeguard your prosthetics if droppage occurs.

While you aren’t wearing your dentures ensure you soak them in cool water or a denture cleaning solution. We can provide suggestions for your particular prosthetics.


Removing Dentures

Removing your prosthetics each night will allow gum tissue beneath to rest.

To remove your top dentures, place your thumb against your front teeth and press forward and upward towards your nose to dislodge. Your lower dentures will require you to slowly pull while using a rocking motion.

General FAQs

Even the best maintained dentures will need to be replaced eventually. On average, dentures can last between 5 and 10 years before they need to be repaired, relined or replaced.

Relining is quite a simple procedure that involves reshaping the underside of a denture (with aid of an impression) to make it more comfortable against your gums. All relines are performed in our Kanwal clinic.

Yes, you can. At Complete Denture Clinic, we accept all major private health funds. Using HICAPS you can access your health fund electronically and make your claim.

While you will need to adjust to eating with dentures you should be able to resume your regular diet. With time and patience, you will be able to chew more naturally allowing you to eat all types of food. You should try to avoid food that is too hot, as well as hard food that puts your dentures at risk of damage.

The lower dentures are often a concern for new patients. They tend to move around the mouth as they are harder to secure and require some training of the muscles. When the dentures don’t fit well it can also be a sign that they’re worn out. If you are experiencing discomfort, ask about our full lower suction effective denture treatment.

Dentures are often created as a set and not in halves. This is because upper and lower prosthetics must fit well together to experience the most comfortable result.